Thursday, May 28, 2009

You're a Rock Star! Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

I'm back! You didn't notice I was gone? tee hee.....

Well, I spent the holiday weekend with my baby!!! WOOHOO!! Yes, I was in Gainesville, otherwise fondly known as Gatorland. Yes, Alan is a Florida Gator. He'll be a senior this fall, majoring in Astrophysics. He would kill me if he knew I was writing about him. But you think a 21-yr old young man is reading Mom's blog? NOT!

I stayed longer than intended. He did not want me to leave and I did not want to leave, so I didn't leave! We went to the movies for the first time in years - saw the Star Trek movie. It was surprisingly good!

An editorial note: My Bruce Springsteen music link is not working (boohoo) so I removed it. I wonder if it had anything to do with my daydreaming about Bruce reading my blog. Probably not.

If you've read this far....God love ya. HA! Here is one of six cards that we will be making at my card class June 20. I think you have seen all of the others. When I saw this "Rock Star" stamp set by CTMH, I just HAD to have it! I am my own best customer, for sure!

I have never been much of a card maker. I'm finding it to be an amazing way to create a miniature work of art! Notice that I did not say 'masterpiece'. Anything can be art, right? I have collected enough 'stuff' now that if I have a brainstorm (thanks for that euphemism, Mom) to use something, it's more likely than not that I have it on hand!

Did you realize how helpful a photograph can be? Looking at the photo of this card, I realize now that it might be more pleasing if I stamped the guitar with the handle facing toward the right. What do you think? Should it be completely vertical? Inquiring minds.... Also.....should the border (ROCK ON) be stamped in black? You can't tell, but there are tiny sparkles on the ends of the guitar's flourishes, and on the loopity loop on the heart.

Lastly, we are having another Stamp of the Month blog hop coming up June 1! I'm really excited about my project, so be sure to check our blogs on Tuesday.

I'll be enjoying watching my beloved Dodgers this evening. I usually only catch a couple of games a year, but since the Dodgers still have the best record in baseball (aHEM), I believe they are broadcasting more games. I'll take what I can get!

RECIPE (all supplies CTMH)

Paper: Blush Cardstock, Black Cardstock, Daydream B&T Paper

Ink: Black, Hollyhock

Stamp: You Rock

Other: Clear Sparkles

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Kathi Carlson said...

Great card! And yes, I noticed you were MIA. Glad you had a good time with your "baby." Back to the card, leave it alone. It looks great just as it is!