Friday, May 22, 2009

Not another Memory Box!!!! Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

Yes, another Memory Box! Tee hee. I tell ya, I just L*O*V*E these things! I trust it is the last one I will make for a while. I have previously posted one I made for my mom, one made for me....I also made them for my two sisters, but haven't photographed those yet. are a couple of photos of my latest version. This is intended to be used as a wedding, shower or anniversary gift to hold those fragile wedding momentos. Because the box has a magnetic closure, you can stand it up on a bookshelf if you'd like, and it will stay closed! Check out the calendar on my website ( for details on the class, or to purchase a kit.
What you can't tell from the photo is that I used our super-pearly Pearlescent Paint on the flower to the right of the photograph. I also kept the project pretty simple so that I could keep the price down by using just one Level I Silhouette Paper Pack for each person.

I am going to see my baby tomorrow! My mom is house-sitting the kitties and I am heading to Gainesville for a couple of days (Go Gators!). We have had torrential showers all week, so I am hoping to slip through the raindrops.

Do you have big plans for the holiday weekend? Now don't you loooove the sound of that!



Kathi Carlson said...

Your box is beautiful!! I love how you did the inside, too. The Silhouette paper is the BEST!
Enjoy the weekend!

Leslie said...

I agree with Kathi, the box is beautiful. I have only used a level one pp once and that was at last stamp camp. Did you see the info Sherri posted on this up coming stamp camp? Can't wait. I saw on the weather map that you were getting alot more of this yukky rainy weather than we are up here. Hopefully it has tapered off a bit. Enjoy your weekend.

Carol Labuski said...

Awesome box! No matter what paper pack is used on these boxes, they always turn out beautiful, in my opinion! But Silhouette is ALWAYS a great choice. Have a great weekend!

Jena said...

Fabulous job - what a great gift idea for a wedding - TFS!

Lucia said...

What a pretty box. I love them too. They make great gifts.