Friday, May 15, 2009

Hibiscus, Brownies and Skinny People - Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

How are y'all today? I am just about finished baking for my big Open House/Open Crop tomorrow. I cannot wait - I just love doing this! We have a blast. It's so great to see all (well most of) my scrappin' buddies all together having a good time.

Here's a simple little card I made for my first card class. You may recall the poll over in the right column (it's still there; guess I should take it down). Y'all voted on both the card class and Scrapbookin' for Dummies, so I 'did up' both for the Open House! For those of you not in Melbourne, Florida, I will be offering kits. I'll post photos this weekend after I recover from the festivities. tee hee!

What makes this card special to me is the hibiscus. We have a gazillion different species of this beautiful flower here in Florida. But there's no reason you can't make up your own if you own this rockin' new CTMH stamp set - "Extreme Happiness". You can buy it on my website here.

I stamped it with Cranberry Ink. I 'rubbed in' some Baby Pink ink towards the center of each petal - can you tell? Then I took a Cranberry marker and brushed the petal edges to deepen the color. Then my favorite part - I used Goldrush Sassy Strands as the stamen! Did you know that our Sassy Strands went down in price in the new Summer book? Yessiirrreeee~! WOOHOOO!!! The paper packed, "Moon Doggie" is brand new. I'm surmising that a bunch of Florida gals will be buying this one - it's so cool!!!

Well. About the brownies. Over the past two nights I have baked pumpkin bread, lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. All from boxes, mind you. Hey, I have a full-time job, after all, besides all this bloggin' and scrappin'! Anyway.....did you know that brownies really do cut better when they are cool? Yes, I realize that the directions say "Cool completely in pan before slicing." Well, hello! Who waits for them to cool? Probably skinny people. I am convinced that they just don't have that craving that us "well-endowed" gals do. They probably wait for the brownies to cool. Well, gals, we will have cool brownies at the Open House. And pumpkin bread. And chocolate chip cookies. And lemon bars. And meatballs. And veggies (thanks, Rindy!) And lots of croppin' fun!

Hasta manana!


Kathi Carlson said...

Beautiful card! Awesome job with the flower! I don't have that stamp set you but you and a couple others are doing a great job of convincing me I "need" it! LOL. Hope your open house was a big success and lots of fun!

Amy said...

Great card. I hope your open house went well.