Monday, May 11, 2009

Googly Eyes and the Space Shuttle - Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

I hope you enjoyed our Stamp of the Month blog hop Sunday! A couple of the links were not working, but fixed soon enough. If you didn't get a chance to log on, just click on Jena's name in the post below this one and you will be directed to 18 different blogs that showcase projects made with the May Stamp of the Month, "Be Yourself". Read my post below, post a comment on it and you could win the Blog Candy! Remember to include your e-mail address if I don't know you. Thanks for all of the kind comments thus far. I'm glad y'all are enjoying it!

Now, here's a little (3x3) card I made with a new Summer stamp set, "You're a Hoot". I never wanted an owl set till I saw this one. These owls have personality!

There are five little owls in this set. I loved how this one is kicking up her little let, so I gave her googly eyes and a paper-pieced dress. Isn't she purty?

Did any of y'all watch the Space Shuttle launch today? I dropped my mom home from her doctor's appointment just in time to pull over and watch the flame shooting through the sky. The space program is such a huge part of our life here on Florida's Space Coast (well, there you go.....duhh.....). My dad worked at the Kennedy Space Center for dozens of years and retired from there. He drove the 30 miles each way for years and years to provide for us. Each summer he would "drag" us up there to the open house to look at all of the "rockets" and, if we were really lucky, to catch a glimpse of a real astronaut! Oh, it was SO hot and boring to us kids! I remember so very little, and now what I would give for just one of those summer memories! We were at the center of our nation's history and yet we couldn't appreciate it, in spite of my dad's prodding. We took it for granted and now he is gone. After I moved out of the house, I could always depend upon my dad to call me right before a launch to let me know it was time to run outside! And I always did. I no longer take it for granted. I no longer have anyone to remind me. Now I run outside, watch it till it's no longer in sight, and get tears in my eyes. Remembering all those hundreds of times we would run outside in the cool night, or the warm day, or the blazing heat, and watch the flame reaching for the stars. And I know my dad is still watching it from his place amongst the stars.


...Darlene said...

I love the owl. They are quirky little things. I missed the launch yesterday. Since I moved here ten years ago, I have been able to get several shots over the roof of my house. It is so cool!

Leslie said...

Hey Deb, I love those little owls but haven't ordered them yet. Must do so - making a mntal note to myself. Yup yup, planning to go to stamp camp. Sherri should be putting up more info soon I would imagine. Can't wait. Looking forward to it as always.
I sometimes can get a glimpse of the shuttle up here in Jax. I wasn't sure when it was going up though. Darn!

Leslie said...

Deb, I have an award over at my blog for you. check it out when you get a minute.