Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Treat Bags! Yum, yum, yum...........Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

Can you find the chocolate in this photo?  It's in the little glasine bag - and I didn't eat it!  ha. 

Well, I'll let you in on a little secret.  My last nine posts, including this one, were pre-scheduled and posted a couple of weeks ago.  I am actually on my way back from the Spellbinders(TM) 2010 Design Team retreat in Peoria, Arizona!!!!  I know by this time my brain must be exploding with all kinds of smart stuff - ha!!! And my luggage will be full of all kinds of Spellbinders(TM) goodness.  Oh, what fun!

We were all told to bring each other a little gift that reflected our hometown. 

Well, Melbourne, Florida is the hometown of Ocean Potion sunscreen products.  The little decorated jar is clear zinc oxide for your face, lips, get the idea.  And we are also the home of Grimaldi handmade chocolate, specializing in chocolate-covered potato chips.  That's what's in the little bag!  Also all wrapped up in the gift bag is one of CTMH's brand new clear acrylic cards with a clear plastic envelope!!  Scalloped and square - oh my!  I hope the girls liked them.  Will tell you tomorrow and spill all the beans!!!

Thanks for sticking with me!  OH!!!!   I just remembered that yesterday was my one-year blogaversary!!!!   Did we make it to 25,000 hits?   I still need to hunt up some blog candy.  Give me a day or two to unpack and I'll see what I can find! 

Peace out,


MsJay said...

These are very nice. I want to make some too.

Julie Ranae said...

Talked to Mona by phone yesterday and she said she had the best time with you at the Spellbinders retreat.

How fun for all of are going to do a fab job for them, Deb!

Julie Overby said...

I LOVED mine and the chocolate was divine! So nice to meet you Deb!

Cibele Glazer said...

These are awesome! Can't wait to see what you brought back. :)

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Hi Deb! I recognize these darling items! Thank you so much for the sweet gift & lots of laughs! I really enjoyed spending time with you at the Spellbinders retreat & beyond :)