Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where is my reading list? and Raul's son Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

Happy Father's Day! I hope you all had a great day with your daddies and hubbies. My son is with his dad today, but will be home from college with mom (me!) next week. YEEEHAWWW!!!!

When I turn on my computer, the first thing I do is go to my Blogger Dashboard to check out my reading list (you know, updated posts from the bloggers that you follow). reading list is empty! I am informed that I am not following anyone! Not TRUE!!!! I am distressed and depressed. Anyone else having this issue today? grumble grumble ;-)

Christina asked me the name of Raul's son (in reference to last night's post). I f you want to know the name but don't want to read my boring story, go immediately to the bottom of the post (tee hee). Seriously!

Well, you guys know how I l-o-v-e- the Dodgers! As a matter of fact, I am watching them right NOW! What a glorious life. But I digress. Tommy Lasorda was the manager of the Dodgers for 20 years (although he has been with the team since 1961, and still is!). He has been my hero for years and years. Why? Because of his loyalty and passion for what he does. It has been said that Tommy bleeds Dodger Blue!

How does this relate to my current car? When it was time to sell Raul (I had him for 12 years), I started looking for a car that I had wanted for months - a Pontiac Solstice. Well, I could not find one 'cause they were relatively new, so I had to order one made just for me. First time I had ever done that, for sure! So I bought my new car nearly three years ago. I suppose there won't be so many of them on the road now that Pontiac is shutting down!

So the name just sort of fell into place. Tommy La Solstice.......a play on Tommy Lasorda, GET IT??? Corny, I know, but that is me, Queen of Corn.

Christina, my car's name is Tommy!

p.s. That is my pretty little car over there in the right column!!!

Sweet Dreams and Go Dodgers!

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