Monday, June 22, 2009

I won the Verve Project Parade Challenge!!!! Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

I cannot believe it! WOOOHOOO!!! Anyone who knows me can attest to my competitive spirit....I LOVE to win. And I did! WOOHOOO!!! Thanks, Verve!!!!

Here's how it all came down. I came home exhausted after my crop Saturday and turned on the computer. I saw Julee's post about the June 09 Project Parade contest, which asked for a project fit for a man. Well, I had about ten minutes (maybe more...tee hee) before the contest ended, so I just linked my Father's Day card post here. Julee picked two winners and one was me!

WOOHOO!!! And how weird is this......I had just 'met' Andrea last night by posting my first post to her blog here , and she had responded to me with a nice comment. I call that a new bloggin' friend, right? Well...get this....Andrea was the other winner!!!!! How cool is that! It's a small bloggin' world, my friends.

Since I have not finished (heck, I haven't even started) my Mojo Monday card, I started perusing my computer for another project to post. Then I came across this photo of my precious kitties. Okay, they are cats, but I call them kitties. Yes, I am officially the old lady with cats. Ha!!! Does it count if you just have two?

These kitties both have a story. Target is the one on the left. Isn't she beautiful? Her name is pronounced Tar-ZHAY, like a fancy Target store. As a matter of fact, that's where we found her! About five or six year ago, Alan and I were going to Home Depot, which is across the street from Target. We were driving the afore-mentioned Raul, pictured here (love you, Raul!). Raul got his name from his license plate, which started with "RAU". And also from the fact that I had a crush on the back end of Raul Mondesi from the Dodgers. This is my last photo of Raul, right before I sold him. See why I love him? He's gorgeous!
Good grief, I hope my son does not read this. I doubt he wants me to share my lunacy with the world. HA! Anyway, we 'ran over' what I thought was a rag in the middle of the road. What I mean by running over is that I straddled it with the car, I did not hit it with the tires. Well, that little rag ran into the prickly hedge separating Target (the store) from the highway. We were sorely afraid that Target (the little fur ball) would run back into the road and get killed, so we came to the rescue. After about an hour of trying to coax her out of the bushes, I went inside Target (the store) and bought some kitty food and heavy gloves in hopes that Alan could convince Target (the fur ball) to come to him.
Being the stoic mom, I went to the outside of the hedge, along the busy highway, in case Target (the fur ball) should sprint for the road. Well, after nearly TWO hours, Alan was able to grab her. Talk about a scaredy cat! She did NOT want to be caught! We decided we would take her to a vet. Well. Of course, it was Sunday and there were not vet offices open. No need, because once I saw her tiny little face next to Alan's, 'she had me at meow'. She was so tiny that she sat in his shoe! Just a pound. I had to feed her with a dropper; she wouldn't take a bottle. The head of household kitty was not happy, but soon adapted to this new creature and as you can see, they are pretty happy together now.
Now off to get my Mojo goin'!
Sweet dreams,

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Kathi Carlson said...

Congratulations, Deb! When I saw your name on Julee's post, I just about jumped out of my chair! VERY COOL! Your cats are cute. I love pet stories. As for vehicles, the only one I had that I still miss is the Mercury Cougar I had when I met Marv. My friends lovingly called it "The Jet." I think that has something to do with champagne flights and the fact that it flew. Oh, to be young again. LOL.