Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Road Trips - Are we there yet? CTMH Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

Goodness gracious, I am tired!!!! Today was my first time hosting a crop. We had a blast! I am too old and fat to haul tables around, though. I might have to pay the younger girls to set up and break down - tee hee!!!!

Leslie wanted a close up of the cards that I posted the other day so that she could "case" them. Case away, doll! You've be better served to case Julee's, though (see my previous post). I cased hers, and hers is much better!
RECIPE (all CTMH unless noted):
Paper: Cocoa, Bamboo and Colonial White Cardstock
Stamps: Treasure Life, Say It In Style
Ink: Cocoa, Autumn Terracotta
Other: Colonial White RicRac, Nestibilities Diecuts, Prima flower, button unknown
When I was a young'un (as my dad would say - 'you young'uns hush up back there!)', we would take a road trip every summer to visit the family in Wise, Virginia. I have two sisters and a brother - all five years apart! Of course, I am a middle child - tee hee. Well, we always had a station wagon growing up. The first that I remember was a white Impala - I think it had those fins in the back. My favorite was a gold one with a third seat that faced out the back! What fun my brother and I had making faces out that back window. My mom will never read this so I am safe - ha!
My dad would always make us wake up at 3:30 in the morning to start the long trip, which would last all day and into the next . The best part was that we got to stay in a motel!!! This was a huge treat for us because we couldn't wait to use the swimming pool! Now, we were not rolling in dough, so we never stayed in any of the 'fancy' hotels - you know, Holiday Inn or Howard Johnson. They were no-name motels, but we didn't care as long as they had a swimming pool! Could we swim? Err....nope. But we were careful, so as not to spoil this privilege. It was the best part of the trip! Then we got to stay with our cousins in Virginia. My cousin Pam and I grew up together, even though we only saw each other once a year. Summers were awesome! If we were lucky, they would come visit us in Florida!
I imagine some of you still take these road trips with your kids. Alan and I took our one and only trip (remember I have been a poor single mom for 16 years now - ha) when he was about 10 years old. We had just bought 'Raul' - my wonderful Jeep Cherokee that I had to sell when I bought my new car a couple of years ago. Oh, how I miss Raul! Well, we drove up to Marion, North Carolina. Here we discovered a laser tag establishment - before we even had one here in Florida! We nearly froze up in the mountains - it was Thanksgiving and our blood thinned out a long, long time ago. But I treasure that time with my son. Since then we have taken three or four 'flying' trips. Our dream was to take a cross-country road-trip in Raul. Well, I couldn't make that one come true, but there's still time....just not in Raul!
Do you have road trip memories like mine?
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Kathi Carlson said...

I love your memories. So sweet. They also spark a few of my own. As for road trips, my dad was a farmer. He grew grain and raised cattle, hogs, and sheep. Growing up on a farm was great with the exception that we worked 24/7/365. For several years, however, my grandparents took two of my sisters and I on summer trips. We never traveled more than a few hundred miles but were gone several days, saw lots of stuff and did fun things, and stayed in motels - a big thing for little farm girls. These adventures made for some great memories. As for my kids, we camped a lot during their younger years and made one trip with them as teenagers. It was a good time! Now, I'm looking forward to loading up the grandsons and setting off on an "adventure" one day.

Christina the Sassy Scrapper :) said...

So what did you name Raul's replacement? I think that's so cute! I love your card!! Glad the crop went well, that's awesome!

Side note: thanks for the encouragement on the whole long drive to get my stepson thing! I just hold onto the fact that the Lord has a plan and a purpose for everything in my life even if I don't like it! :)