Saturday, October 17, 2009

I have nada. Zip. Zeeeero. Zilch.

Self control, that is.  Good grief.  Where was I when the self control gene was passed out?  Get a grip, girlfriend!

Okay, two things I SWORE I would not do:
  1. Farm.  Farmtown.....Farmville.....Facebook insanity!!!!!!  Both of my sisters are farming on Facebook.  I promised my mama I would not farm.  Promised with vengeance!  What have I been doing since Monday?  Farming.  Farmtown.  Farmville.  Good GRIEF!!!
  2. Copics.  I swore to Leslie and Cibele and Kathi that I would not buy Copics.  My CTMH markers are just fine.  They match all of my inks and papers and goodies.  I love them, I really do!  But I needed something to color the skin, right?  36 basic Copic markers ought to do it, right?  36 colors....did I really need to order 36 colors to color skin????  Good grief.
I have no self control.  I have no limits.  Somebody STOP ME!!!




Kathi Carlson said...

I've avoided the games on Facebook. Besides, I grew up on a farm and didn't want to grow to be or be married to a farmer.

About the Copics, Leslie's got some, so who's she to talk? LOL. I'd probably have some if I were willing to part with the green stuff. I'm a little scared of them, too, with thoughts there is a big learning curve there. And, if you haven't already taken the plunge (and don't REALLY want to), Tombow has a most excellent flesh-colored marker. It's #580.

As for no self-control, I know all about it... Maybe we should start a self-help group on Facebook. LOL.

Cibele Glazer said...

I ain't gonna stop you because as for self control...I got less than you baby!!! Sending you copious amounts of copic love. In the words of Maurice Sendak..."Let the wild rumpus start!"

Penny D. said...

LOL. Oh no!! I was doing BOTH farmville and farmtown, I finally stopped with Farmtown because it kept freezing up on me, not loading right... etc. But now... I'm playing Farkle. UGH.

Farkle and Farmville. Those are my guilty pleasures.

Leslie said...

Dang, I wrote this big long comment and got distracted. Now I have to remember what I said.
DO NOT get me started in FB games, PLEASE!!! - grins - I have too many vices now.
I am so looking forward to my copics class today. I'll let you know if I learn anything.
I have three layouts to do for the ladies at my gathering. Three of the 4 purchased the companion and said I wasn't asking enough. They said that right after they told me I was very giving. I figure they will like having me come to their group if they take away a lot of freebies, right? Even the hostess tried to pay me for the companion page which I used as the hostess gift.