Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Beautiful Mother - Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

As I mentioned yesterday, here's another Memory Box. I love making these! This one was a Christmas gift for my mom. Yes, that's her on the cover. Isn't she beautiful? What you don't see is her beautiful spirit. I want to be just like her when (if) I grow up!

My mom used to be crafty when I was young. One of our funniest family stories revolves around a little sewing/redecorating project she embarked on many years ago. We had this big old wooden-based chair on our Florida room. Sort of like a modern-day Adirondack chair, but clunkier with an open bottom (seat). Their were thick cushions on the back and in the seat.
Well, one fine warm day my mom decided she would cover those ugly old cushions. I guess it was a three-fold venture - covering those nasty old things, being a little creative along the way, and enjoying the challenge. We do love a challenge! Well, my mom had made cushion covers for these bulky cushions (Lord, they were about 30 inches across - like a modern-day chair-and-a-half, now that I think about it). She was standing in the Florida room, struggling to get that cushion crammed into the cover she had made, when a lightbulb went off in her head (in her words, 'I had a brainstorm!'). 'Well, why in the world am I standing here doing this when I could be sitting down???'. So she backed herself up to the chair, leaned back and sat right down in that big old chair.....straight down to the floor! After all, the seat cushion was in her hand!!!

Now, in our family, whenever anyone falls or trips, we get the giggles, no matter how serious it is. She could have broken her tail bone and we would have been rolling on the floor, my mom included!

Don't ask me how she got up.....folded up in their like a pretzel, with the cushion on top of her. We were all too little to help, if we could have.

I guess you had to be there!


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