Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hit the Jackpot!!! CTMH Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

Remember the clearance sale and goodie boxes last year?  Well, it's back but it's better!

For the month of June, CTMH will have daily deals.  Goodie boxes loaded with loot at 50% off.  Hit the jackpot and you'll win free products! Check out my CTMH website for a new deal every day!

Goodie box days  will feature a surprise variety of new and retiring products, all at 50% off or more!  Jackpot days will offer five different products at a discount.  One of those will be the mystery jackpot item of the day!  If you order the jackpot item, you'll get FREE CTMH items shipped to you FREE!  How do you know if your scored?  The jackpot item will be revealed the next day, so you'll know if you have an extra item coming your way!  Or just purchase all five items and you know you'll hit the jackpot!!!
These special offers include discounted shipping/handling and are only available through my CTMH website.

Check back daily for the special of the day!

Today’s special offer is a choice of five different Level 1 Kits at 30% off...that's just $7 each! Plus, if you hit the jackpot and order the correct one, you will also get a FREE tube of Heavenly Blue ribbon rounds and a FREE tube of Hollyhock ribbon rounds (pictured above)! Or order all five Level 1 Kits and you know you'll hit the jackpot!

If I've confused you, check out the details on  my website.  Enjoy!!!

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