Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do you submit? Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

Greeting, friends!  Saturday.....wooHOOO!!!  What are you up to today?  Crafting?  tee hee.  I got up early (for me- ha), filled up the gas tank in Tommy laSolstice, picked up a  few groceries and came home to start crafting.  I still have several projects to finish, but I wanted to jump on here and post another 'loser' card!

Now, another benefit of being on the Spellbinders(TM) DT is that we are required to submit to a publication each month.  Since this is something new to me, I've been forwarding my submissions to PaperCrafts, one of my favorite papercrafting magazines! 

But I am obviously not their style - ha!  I actually sent three cards this time, and this one is the most simple.  To me, their cards are extremely clean and simple, so I had hope for this one!  But e-mails for me.

But I'm okay with that!  I spoke with my friend Gina last night and she suggested I try other publications. I can do that!

In the meantime, I really like this little loser card.  I used the AWESOME Fancy Tags Shapeabilities(R) die template (love my Fancy Tags!), Classic Ovals Large and Big Scalloped Ovals Large.  Yum!  My New JustRite stamps and some awesome CTMH cardstock rounds it all out.

So, what's your style?  What types of cards have you submitted successfully for publication?  Are you ready to dip your toes in the publication pool?  Go for it!

Happy weekend!


AJ said...

I would agree- submit to others as well....I think PC is highly publicized and tends to be overloaded with submissions!! I can email you a few others to try if you would like my dear!! *and* I love your card! :)

Latisha said...

I love your card my dear :)

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Beautiful card Deb! Definitely try other magazines - your card is fabulous - very clean, simple yet elegant!

Kathi C. said...

Your card is beautiful, Deb! I've never submitted a card for publication. Don't do contests either. Can't take the rejection. LOL. Seriously, it might be kind of fun!

Hope you are having a great week!

Andrea Ewen said...

How elegant! Love the clean lines and the wonderful color scheme. I am always drawn to classy cards and your card is definitely all that! Thanks for inspiring!

...Darlene said...

Sommerset Studio Take Ten or any of their publications. I have submitted several times to SS but never made the cut. I did get published in Take Ten the one time I submitted to one of their challenges.

Paula Gale said...

OMG - i think the simplicity of this card speaks volumes and its their loss for not publishing you /it and letting it through the net.

good luck in finding someone who will... things happen for a reason and bigger things are clearly meant for you.

I've never tried - i would never think my stuff is remotely good enough - all you gals on the spellbinders DT simply inspire me - i wish i had an ounce of your talent... good luck with your search for a publisher - it WILL come.

Paula x x x