Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's your routine? Plus a Grammy's Love - Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

How do you handle a disruption in your routine?  I've always been a creature of habit - fairly comfortable with knowing what I would be doing each evening after work.....each weekend.  So having some free time off while I'm job-searching changed things up. 

Last week, for example, I had a surge of mojo and created some art nearly every day.  Then this weekend I had a dog-sitting job (my first) with a wonderful little guy named Corky.  I stayed at Corky's house and didn't take any craft supplies with me (can you believe it???).  Then Alan has been home from college for a couple of days, and we fell into our Alan-home-from-college-routine of sitting together with our computers, watching our taped shows that I save for these days and eating takeout.  Watching typical guy shows, but they really are pretty good - Deadliest Catch, Whale Wars, Swords and a new one - Scrappers.  So all of my chick shows have stacked up in a tidy row waiting for Alan to leave.

So now he's home at his other home in Gainesville, and I'll be back to the studio tomorrow - yippee!  And back to looking for a job, trying to find affordable health get the idea.

Here's one of my Spellbinders(TM) layouts that you can find in the Spellbinders' blog gallery.  This is my mom (isn't she cute!) and my baby's first college graduation from BCC.  I used some lace that my mom gave me from her old scraps, as well as sheet music she gave me (for the fan and the flowers).  Click on the image to enlarge it.  These are my two most favorite people in the world!

So how do you handle a routine disruption?  Do you still manage to slip in a little craftiness, or do you dive completely into the disruption and start anew when things settle down?


Nancy Ball said...

My answer to your question, is: BOTH! When I started my new p/t job away from home....I had the same question. I decided the answer had to be both.

Gorgeous page and good to see your mojo working!

Christy Farneth-Kerr said...

This is a great layout:)
Time management never works out quite right for me.LOL When thing are crazier then usual I tend to wait until things settle down:)

Karen Pedersen said...