Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Want to win? Today's the Spellbinders(TM) Big Event! Scrabooking in Melbourne, Florida

Whew!  It's finally here! 

Check out the Spellbinders' blog for the full schedule for the BIG Event Blog Frenzy!  Two ladies will reveal the new summer release die templates to you today...then check back each day for more fun!  Be sure to enter to win some, or ALL of the goodies!!!  My reveal is on the 17th...but don't wait....start by checking out Julie's blog today! 

Here's the whole schedule:

July 13

• Julie Overby

• Debbie Olson

July 14

• Judy Hayes

• Latisha Yoast

July 15

• A. J. Otto

• Kimberly Crawford

July 16

• Becca Feeken

• Linda Duke

July 17

• Sherry Cheever

• Deb Young

July 18

• Gina Hanson

• Ashley Cannon Newell

July 19

• Mona Pendleton

• Heidi Blankenship

July 20

• Kerilee Sereika

• Kazan Clark

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Sharli said...

When I opened your blog all I see is a note that the photos have been removed (photobucket?) I saw it at lunch break, and again tonight - still nothing. ???