Sunday, March 14, 2010

Too pooped to post! Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

Oh, Lord.  I cannot begin to tell you what my amazing son did for me yesterday.  A grueling end to an equally grueling week!

I have been packing and trashing 16 years worth of 'stuff' from my office preparing for Thursday's move.  Note to self:  No need to show up at 7am again on Friday......since the movers packed up my office at 4:30 Thursday.  Second note to self:  No need to drive to the new office Thursday evening and wait a coupla more hours for your 'stuff' to arrive, as the raging storms and tornado warnings should have indicated you'd have to wait till Friday anyway.

So yes, I showed up at 7am again on Friday, as did the movers, so my stuff was there!  Of course they had come and gone so there was no one to help me move my furniture into place until the IT guys showed up.  Sigh.  Will I ever learn????

So my baby came home Friday night, left Saturday night.  All I needed was for him to bring home my sofa, as my new office is about 1/3 the size of my old one (probably less).  So here's what he did, in about six hours (with just a tiny bit of help from me):
  1. Removed old toilet and threw it in the back of Hughie's truck.
  2. Went to Home Depot for part missing from box containing new toilet.
  3. Installed new toilet (push button flush for water saving - who knew flushing could be such fun!!!).
  4. Hauled old sofa to Hughie's truck.
  5. Tossed old toilet and old sofa into the landfill.
  6. Went to mattress store and purchased new mattress (soft, YUM!).
  7. Hauled new mattress to master bathroom.
  8. Hauled old mattress to back of Hughie's truck.
  9. Tossed old mattress in mattress store's dumpster.
  10. Hauled new sofa and two scrapbooking tables from my office into the back of Hughie's truck.
  11. Wrestled new sofa into the family room.
  12. Placed two scrapbooking tables into garage.
  13. Moved new mattress from master bathroom to bed.
Incredible, right????? Then we did a Wendy's drive-thru, went to spend a couple of hours with Grammy (my mom), where Alan took a nap while Grammy and I watched the Magic.

At midnight he drove back to Gainesville - three hours on the road.

Is he amazing or what?  All I wanted was the sofa moved, and I would have been fine even without that.  God love my baby!

So I have been too tired to create, much less post.

Maybe I'll get the hop back in my step in a couple of days!


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Kathi C. said...

We raised 'em right. I had several hours of assistance from my computer whiz kid today. Of course, it's not like we never did anything for them. The diapers alone... LOL.

It sounds like your move at work was much more significant than my little trek across the aisle. How exhausting!

Hope your week is a good one!! Take care, friend.