Monday, March 8, 2010

HAGS? HAS? tee heee CTMH Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

Hey y'all!  My back is aching.  I am packing my office to move.  We received boxes today and must be ready when we leave work Wednesday.  Needless to say....since I have been working here for nearly 16 years, I have a TON of stuff to toss.  So I have been tossing and shredding and boxing.  Ugh.  So I was even happier than usual to be home this evening!

Here's a quick post.  I was invited by my friend Nancy to join CTMH's Humble Artists' Swap.  Now, Nancy's e-mail (correct me if I am wrong, Nancy) said "Humble Artists' Group Swap".  So of course I called it the HAGS swap.  LOL!!!!  It's the HAS swap......not HAGS!!!  But I will forever think of it as HAGS.  Mwah ha haaaa!

I said this was going to be quick - but here I go - blah blah blah!  I took a snapshot of the card here before I sent it off to the other four ladies in my swap group.  Well....Nancy received hers about three weeks late.  Turns out my card was traveling the country, making snow angels along her merry way!  Actually traveling the continent, as I am in Florida and Nancy is in Canada!  My card arrived wet and crumpled with all the stamping washed out.  Good grief!  Thankfully I snapped this photo.

I mailed my next HAGS HAS swap card last week - we'll see how it fares!  Will post it towards the end of April - but let me just say that I loooove it!!!

Thank you for sticking with me and all of my ramblings.  And thank you for your sweet comments....I just love my cyber friends!!!



Kathi C. said...

HAGS or HAS, your card is absolutely gorgeous. I'll make no comment about the mail service in the US or Canada with the exception that neither is very efficient.

I don't envy your move. I moved Friday - even moved a couple of file cabinets myself, because I was too darned stubborn to ask a man to help. I pushed one and pulled the other. Figured that way, the pain would even out. Laid under my desk and hooked up my own computer and phone, too. Didn't wear a skirt that day. LOL.

I hope the rest of your move goes smoothly. Take care, friend!

Carla said...

Beautiful card!! Too bad it got 'eaten' in the mail! Our Canadian postal services sometimes leave a lot to be desired!!

Can't wait to see your next HAGS (ha ha) contribution! Love all the ladies in that group!! So much amazing talent (including yourself!!)

Kelly Schelske said...

This is absolutely beautiful Deb!!