Sunday, February 28, 2010

Any Birdy Home? AI Sunday Scrapbooking in Melbourne, Florida

My friend Leslie has been making a lot of mini-file folder-notepad covers.  She uses file folders for her notepad covers, but I was too lazy to scrounge around for one.  But I still wanted to make one. 

I ended up using good old white cardstock for my base and Emporium paper from CTMH..  Loving the little birdhouses in Any Birdy Home (Artful Inkables) as much as I do, I decided to make a little covered notepad as a gift, since I already made the matching card....right?  So I colored up a relatively duplicate image (same colors anyway, tee hee) and cut it with my favorite Nestabilities(TM) die, Labels Five.  The scrunchy flower is made with five cardstock scallops, centered with one of our new colonial white brads (click on the image for a closeup).  Did you notice the birdie sitting on the birdhouse?  She's a little Martha punch that you've seen me use a few times this month.  So cute!!!!

See how simple the inside is?   The whole thing is held together with tiny magnets (see it on the back of the flower?), but you could use Velcro as well.  Again, the magnets were on my desk and I was too lazy to get up and pull the Velcro out of a drawer.  Good grief!

A funny story.  I called Alan the other night and he was making pizza.  Seriously....he was making homemade pizza dough!  This was a first for him.  The funny part is that he had to ask me "how much is a tablespoon?"!!!  HA!  Luckily he had a quarter cup measuring cup so he was able to use that (no measuring spoons in Gainesville, I reckon).  But here he has taken Advanced Calculus, Quantum Physics, Nuclear-mechanical-whatever....but didn't know how many tablespoons were in a cup!  I reckon his mama did not teach him.......tee hee!!!!  I wonder how the pizza turned out!  I'm afraid to ask - ha!  But just thinkin' about it is making me hungry.




Cibele Glazer said...

Beautiful folder! Love the pizza story. :)

Kathi C. said...

Your folder is gorgeous! I NEED to make one of these. And the story about Alan is priceless. Even the smartest, strongest man seems to be helpless in the kitchen!

Have a great Sunday, friend!

Lisa Kind said...

What a cute notebook! I'm always in need of these and this looks interesting! I love your birdhouse...this is one of my fav AI sets so far!

I have trouble with measurements myself, so I know where your son's coming from! How many ounces in a gallon.....ugghhh!!! I hate measurements! LOL!!

Leslie said...

Thanks for the mention. I love how you made your note book cover. I just picked up some more file folders from Michael's. $0.25 each, can't beat it. I sent one to a friend in another school and she was showing it off to a lady who wants me to make them for her women's group. My friend and I and another lady are going to go to my friend's lake house one weekend and put a bunch of them together. Who knew I would get a weekend away by making them